US District Courts have no jurisdiction outside of D.C. !!

Ok folks, this will take a little patience on your part to follow this.  Ever since the U.S. Republic was dissolved in 1871, and the big switch took place to create an US corporation in DC, there has been no constitutional authority given to any federal court to operate outside of DC.  through smoke and mirrors alone, we are tricked into volunteering them authority.  It's pretty crazy how they do these things.  Please read the article.  It's recent, and relevant.  read

Bush Accomplishements

14th Amendment, Your Rights

Guess What BAR stands for in the lawyer's BAR Exam.

Give up? Try British Accredited Registry

Get it now?

(1)BAR-that’s an acronym for BRITISH ACCREDITED REGISTRY. The American BAR association is a branch of a British organization. The term “esquire” lawyers call themselves is a title of nobility.

There was a 13th Amendment, now lost, that banned titles of nobility to any office holder in

The legal code the lawyers have written is secretly known in their circles as admiralty law or maritime law. That gold fringe on the American flags in government offices isn’t just flag bling-it’s the symbol that that office is operating under unconstitutional law. Admiralty law is a law of contracts that has replaced the old common law that ordinary could understand-and knew. Yes, once upon a time in America, average folks represented themselves in court-but with the little remembered bankruptcy declared by FDR during the depression that law was

We are still unwittingly under bankruptcy The uniform commercial code is maritime law, it is used to regulate us. No lawyer is going to tell you this, not just because he’ll get disbarred but because in his warped worldview it’s not in his interest to tell the sheep how they’re getting sheared.

(2)Had a college professor who taught political science 101. Charming man, had a gift for public speaking. His first day he stood with his lanky frame extended his arms and proclaimed to us snot nosed college students that “we are the intelligentsia, we are the elite”. The rest of his course he spent filling us with information about the origins of America that should’ve been taught in grade school. Last day of the class I go up to him and he complimented me(I spent most of my time doodling cartoons on the desks)and I ask him what “progressive” meant, since he proclaimed himself one. He said “socialism”.

Socialists are thieves that use state power to get what they want. Remember that.

(3)Go to any library with a law section. Takes up like a quarter of the books. And the beast expects us to know the law?

(4)You’re online reading this? Google up “police brutality”-there’s millions of hits. Go to go to their forum and read in shock and horror; today’s cop is a brutal, brainwashed, authoritarian robot just bright enough to try to entrap you in some lawyer’s law.

(5)And I suppose you’re saying its way passed time these bastards got clipped. That would be rather violent, I mean, do you know what that would take to pull such CRIMINAL ACTIVITY off? You’d have to:

Attorney: 'DC Madam' left instructions if 'ever found dead of apparent suicide' By Lori Price

Attorney: "Jeane was very clear with me that if she was ever found dead of an apparent suicide, I was to make sure that all the evidence was publicly disseminated so that it could be independently evaluated."

Exclusive: Citizens For Legitimate Government has learned that Deborah Jeane Palfrey's lawyer, Montgomery Blair Sibley, has intervened to stop a lawsuit seeking to prevent the Tarpon Springs, Florida, Police Department from releasing information requested by Sibley pertaining to the investigation of Jeane's death.

On July 22, 2008, Sibley requested under the Florida Public Records Act, "copies of any and all records, including without limitation police reports and photographs, related to the investigation of the death of Deborah Jeane Palfrey on May 1, 2008, at [redacted] Tarpon Springs, Florida. This request includes copies of every document related to the matter, regardless of the format in which the information is stored. I note that information stored on a computer is as much a public record as a written page in a book or stored in a filing cabinet." read

Don’t Expect Bush to Pardon Traficant Before Leaving Office

By Michael Collins Piper

President George W. Bush has said repeatedly, privately, in the past, that a pardon for wrongfully imprisoned former Rep. Jim Traficant (D-Ohio) is off the table. And it now appears that Bush intends to leave office with Traficant remaining in prison until his unusually long sentence (eight years) ends in August of 2009.

Former Youngstown Mayor George M. McKelvey—a Democrat—made national news in 2004 when he endorsed Bush. He has been urging Bush to grant Traficant either a presidential pardon or a commutation of his prison sentence.

McKelvey has been asking Bush, since 2004—two years after Traficant was sent to prison—to give Traficant his freedom, but the president refuses to act. For his own part, Traficant has refused a pardon, because to accept a pardon would require that he admit to committing crimes that he says he did not commit.

In a radio interview on December 1, McKelvey pointed out that Traficant is serving a longer sentence than most people convicted on second-degree murder charges, declaring the Traficant case “the greatest injustice in the history of this state.” read
from Yahoo News
FBI agents stage sting to snare corrupt Ill. cops


* BREAKING NEWS: FBI Raids Harvey Police Dept. Play Video Video: BREAKING NEWS: FBI Raids Harvey Police Dept. CBS 2 Chicago

CHICAGO – Duffel bags stuffed with cocaine were delivered by plane to an out-of-the-way suburban airport while two sheriff's officers provided security. A police officer stood by to guard the cash and keep out the riffraff at a poker game where $100,000 changed hands. And a drug dealer was told squad cars marked "sheriff" and "sheriff's police" might be available on a "freelance" basis to provide protection for his deliveries.

Such tales of law enforcement gone awry emerged in court papers Tuesday as federal prosecutors unveiled a series of elaborate sting operations aimed at officers who hired out to ride shotgun for drug deals and other criminal activities.

Fifteen officers and two other men who had pretended to be law enforcement officers were charged with conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine or heroin or both.

But the most spectacular pretending was done by the federal agents themselves.

The pilots of the airplane were not drug runners but undercover agents. So were the gamblers who busily played hand after hand of high-stakes poker — all for show.

The drug broker who squired the officers to the airport to pick up the duffel bags was an agent. So was the drug dealer who stuffed the bags into his Mercedes-Benz.

U.S. Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald said he was dismayed to find that so many law enforcement officers had "sold out their badge."

"When drug dealers deal drugs, they ought to be afraid of the police — not turn to them for help," Fitzgerald said at a news conference.

Officials paid homage to an unnamed FBI agent who moved into a business in Harvey more than a year ago and set up shop as a drug broker. He soon attracted the attention of police and the corruption grew, authorities said.

They said the agent was sent in undercover because there had been reports of police corruption over the last several years in southern Cook County, including the Harvey police department. An investigation into allegations of robbery, extortion, narcotics offenses and weapons distribution is ongoing, officials said.

Those charged include 10 Cook County sheriff's correctional officers, four Harvey police officers and one Chicago police officer.

Of the 17 defendants, 14 were arrested or surrendered Tuesday and were being immediately brought before U.S. Magistrate Judge Michael Mason. Two sheriff's officers are on active duty with Army National Guard units in Afghanistan, and warrants were issued for their arrest.

If convicted of conspiracy to possess and distribute more than five kilograms of cocaine or one kilogram of heroin, the defendants would face a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years and a maximum of life. The maximum fine would be $4 million.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart called the alleged behavior "absolutely reprehensible."

"The responsibility of watching over jail inmates is an important one and it's a shame these men didn't take that responsibility more seriously," he said in a statement.

Each of those charged has been suspended with pay pending a hearing next week, Dart said. "That step will then lead to a request for termination," he said.